Only your actions have a consequence 

Swearing even in the heat of an argument, even if your right and even if it’s inbred in your personality. In recent years I have received security infractions from VAC and dismissed from a Dental Practice. Who screwed up my claims so bad, I incurred expenses and fired when questioning them.
Once in a span of 2 hours, I was sent back and forth 6 times to Dr’s and Practice simply because of grammar, spelling mistakes on a script.  Out of Frustration I threw my Benefits card in a VAC Office, this credit card size card, sailed about 10 feet, through a glass plate window’s opening and landed at the feet between 2 VAC workers, I received no in-person services for over 2 years because of that.
In EVERY SINGLE CASE, no one called, emailed, or questioned me on why or how to resolve the issues,  just punishment until I correct my behavior.


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