Just like the Queen of Soul said R E S P E C T, well as veterans we all know the adage respect is to be earned not given. As Veterans, we earned that respect but the government refuses to do so, and in recent sittings voted no on bills presented for fairness, etc. NO NO NO NO don’t believe me read away

Whatever you know the pc way to say fuck you and that horse as well, Simply by saying no in a recorded sitting on parliament just shows you that how scared the government of being accountable for the treatment of us.

Cause I promised some extras here’s one Veterans in Canada are the only section of the population that has no rights or representation – Zero.

The legion? No, it’s a dying place and after supporting the New Charter, reducing our benefits by billions

Your MP?  not a chance mine won’t even return an email and has me and other Veterans blocked on social media, the man sits on two SCONDA’s which are paid extra to attend and has a huge military community in the region as well

The 866 number?  Not a chance if your unhappy your concerns will be looked at.

The Secure Messaging system?  It doesn’t get past them either.

No numbers for VAC are publically available cause well, that caller thing interrupts public servantry

The only person that you can bitch to is the Minister himself and he’s sitting pretty anyway just counting the days till retirement and VAC HQ is in his province.

That’s is how we are seen. Sadly but truthfully and with our leaders these days the slogan should say “you may experience things differently than others”  This from the Government that has disrupted the entire country’s political shape just to show equality for all but us.

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