Logging off Social Media.

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In Canada, the Government controls Social Media.



We used to live in a free society as long as you worked within the law, paid taxes, and weren’t slanderous no one bothered you.   until…..

Enter the Liberal Party of Canada winning a majority and promising open and fair government, which most Canadians wanted as well.

The first thing that happened was the taming of Fake news on Facebook, which only targeted opposing views.

Then they all started using twitter with two accounts, one for the Office they hold and a personal account for opinions.  NO ONE IN A POSITION OF AUTHORITY SHOULD BE ABLE TO DO BOTH. So things that are party positive always tweet out on Office, anything that could cause question is simply posted under personal accounts.  But here’s the thing,  Using Constitutional exemptions from criminal wrongdoings they are protected as if it was an Office account and can not be held responsible for their actions.  You do it on your time, say something like Calling down a homosexual and see if you are employed the next day. No matter which accounts you use. Seamus Regan harrassed the PC Leader publically through his personal account and faced no consequences of those actions simply because he was an MP.

The Government also has an open-door policy on official accounts but if you question anything you get blocked, which is against the rules and my MP Mark Garretson has mainly blocked Veterans. 

Don’t believe how much control they have instilled, VPN your computer and try to access the CBC News, if your VPN is using ipvanish software or similar, you will not see the news but will be able to use any other government website.  Hmmm…..

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