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Daily British Whig (Kingston, ON), 31 Oct 1863

p.2 Fire Wood For The Poor – in harbor under Tete du Pont Barracks Wall, lie a number of old half-rotten abandoned barges and durham boats, should be broken up for fire-wood.


British Whig (Kingston, ON), 11 Nov 1874-
Public Improvements in Portsmouth – the old Massassauga, sunk for over 30 years, to be raised, along with 4 others, to clear harbor.

The Steamer Osprey – This steamer, which passed down with a full load of flour, is reported to be lost, having struck on her passage down the St. Lawrence and sunk. The rumour is believed by some to be a canard. No particulars can be obtained relative to her safety from Montreal or Toronto.

British Whig (Kingston, ON), Aug. 25, 1880
p.2 ad – For Sale – Steam Barge Rover – in good order, price $700; A New Open Sail Boat 30′ x 10′, $200; A New Centre Board Skiff with sails, $30. R. Davis, Steamboat Builder, Wolfe Island.

British Whig (Kingston, ON), March 14, 1882
There is also another obstruction – the old barge Quebec – which is lying sunk in the harbour. It should be removed. With the removal of these obstructions Portsmouth would be possessed of one of the best harbours in this part of Canada.

The body of John Henderson, captain of the ill-fated schooner Blanche, which went down with all hands on the 28th of May, was picked up on Plew’s Point by Mr. Lyons, a mile and a half from the residence of the deceased at Lockport, near Colborne. The body was recognized by a scar on the foot and from the clothes, and as soon as identified was taken and interred at Lockport cemetery, where a monument has been erected by sympathizing friends to the memory of the lost crew.

British Whig (Kingston, ON), May 21, 1880

The Varuna’s Speed – The new passenger steamer, built on Wolfe Island by Capt. Davis, and for which the Kingston Foundry made the engine, is running between Trenton, Belleville and Picton. The Intelligencer calls her handsome, says she is fitted up in a highly convenient manner, and has her driven up to 14 m.p.h.