David Tait, the father of John Tait, opened his own shipyard on Amherst Island and his first vessel (the schooner Caroline) is registered as being built in 1847, though many believe it was built earlier. David Tait was a shipbuilder of good repute,


The Caroline was wrecked or burnt (info not clear) and was purchased by W. Powers and in Kingston and rebuilt as the Schooner B.W. FOLGER.  The BW Folger was nothing special and sailed up and down Lake Ontario for almost 25 years, During that time she ran aground twice, Sept 1871 and again she sprung a leak and sunk in Bay of Quinte, July 1874. Then in 1880 she ran aground yet again after Wm. Dandy from Kingston purchaced her for the Coal trade and rebuilt over that winter.  in 1893 she got caught in a gale and lost her topsail and repaired yet again over the winter.

The schooner B. W. FOLGER, Capt. Bates, was burned to the water’s edge this morning at Fish Point, Amherst Island. The fire originated in the forecastle about 6 o’clock. She was loaded with lumber for Oswego, consigned to the Standard Oil Company, and left Kingston several days ago. The vessel is said to be insured for $900. The crew is safe. The FOLGER had been windbound in the cove for a day and a half.

Diving the BW Folger is difficult and not sure if permitted due to it being within the active Ferry Route and 67ish feet deep  in the North Channel off Kerr Point. (Fish). and being burnt to less then 6 feet of relief.