Storytime in Kingston,  Back late 90’s (I think) Adam, Pat and Carey headed out to help POW raise moorings, the First stop was to be the KPH (Waterlily). So after arriving to the waypoint, Adam started circling to find the “sweet spot” to drop the shot line. When the Bottomsounder showed a elevation on the bottom he instructs them to drop the shot line.  So Pat and Carey entered the water and down the line they go, a few minutes later they Surface and say That’s not the KPH?  So looks like we found an unindentified and unknown wreck and named it the PCB Pat and Carey Barge until indentification.

So when they return to shore and annouce the find. Within days of it’s discovery rumours circulated about the find were met with “Yeah we’ve been diving that for years.” It turns out POW members tested Sidescan a few years before and located the barge as well(as well as Ken Fuller, Wayne Gay and Myself the year before), but decided it was not an attraction worth even mentioning.  They even actually thought on raising it and moving to Terry’s Tug which would have been FUN. So a year or two later as technology improved and as diving advanced in the region, it was decided to run a line from the PCB to shore.  So GLUE took up the task and they accomplished the task, and it’s still in use a decade later.  There at one time was a sail on wreck as well but has sinced moved on, PCB can be done from shore as a Scooter run (perfered), It’s a long boring swim with nothing to see.  As well easily accessable from the KPH.(at one time three wrecks were connected by line, Varuna, KPH and PC Barge) but someone decided that was not for all and removed the line.

I had an article mentioning the harbourmaster was trying to relocate it at one time for building a houseboat, so if anyone has any pics, input or suggestions send away.  Next time the Mooring of the Lusitinia 😀