On 20 August 1852, ATLANTIC (wooden sidewheeler, 267 foot, 1,155 tons, built in 1849, at Detroit, Michigan) was loaded with immigrants when she collided with the propeller freighter OGDENSBURG and quickly sank south of Long Point on Lake Erie at about 2:30 a.m. Of the 600 on board, estimates of death range from 150 to 250. Numerous salvage attempts have been made through the years up through 1989, since there were supposed to be valuables on board when she went down.


Any one that watched the Sea Hunters or Dive Detectives knows the story of the ATLANTIC

The Wreck is also has the bonus of this near by Philips: Submarine, built in 1851, sank while being tested prior to attempting a salvage dive on the Atlantic. Unless I am mistaken, this is the oldest surviving submarine in existence and is therefore the most historically valuable wreck in Lake Erie! Philips was a Chicago shoemaker who began building submarines with the intent of salvaging Great Lakes shipwrecks. He built his first submarine at age 20, but it was crushed on its maiden voyage. This is his second submarine and was a success during testing. He is reported to have used it to take his family on tours of the bottom of Lake Michigan. Apparently the depths encountered at the Atlantic were too much for the hull and it sprung a leak and quickly sank. Philips later built and sold at least one recreational submarine which led to the drowning of its purchaser and his dog in Lake Michigan. Rumor has it that the wreck of this vessel has been located very close to the Atlantic.