GPS Location: N45° 03.380’ W83° 10.180’
Depth: 60 Feet
Wreck Length: 128 Feet Beam: 26 Feet
Gross Tonnage: 301 Cargo: Coal
Launched: 1862 by Albert Little at Tonawanda, New York
Wrecked: May 31, 1887
Description: The Lucinda Van Valkenburg was built in 1862. 25 years later it was lost on Lake Huron. Bound for Chicago with a load of coal, it was struck by the iron propeller Lehigh about 2 miles northeast of Thunder Bay Island. The crew was picked up by the Lehigh and taken to Port Huron. The sunken Van Valkenburg presented a dangerous obstruction to other vessels, as the masts remained standing high out of the water from just below the crosstrees.
On 1 June 1887, LUCINDA VAN VALKENBURG (wooden schooner, 129 foot, 302 gross tons, built in 1862, at Tonawanda, New York) collided with the iron steamer LEHIGH in fog and sank near Thunder Bay Island on Lake Huron. The crew was safely taken aboard the LEHIGH and brought to Port Huron.

Schooner L.VAN VALKENBURG of 280 tons, built 1862. Owned by T. Hood. Home port, Chicago. On June 1, 1887, vessel sunk on Lake Huron, with a cargo of coal, and became a total loss. Classed as B 1. Property loss on hull $5,000 and on cargo $2,000
Casualty List for 1887 (total losses)
Marine Record, December 15, 1887
The propeller LEHIGH arrived here at 6 o’clock last evening and reports the sinking of the schooner VAN VALKENBURG 3 miles above Thunder bay island. The propeller struck the schooner on the port side forward of the fore-rigging, and she sank inside four minutes. The crew were safely taken aboard the LEHIGH and brought to this city. The weather was thick and very dark when the collision occurred.
Port Huron Daily Times
Thursday, June 2, 1887
Port Huron.-The revenue cutter FESSENDEN was up to Thunder Bay the early part of the week and removed the masts of the sunken schooner VAN VALKENBURG that foundered about a mile off the island several weeks ago. The spars of the sunken schooner were a dangerous obstruction to navigation, being right in the course of vessels bound up or down the lake.
The Marine Record
Thurs., Sept. 22, 1887 p.5
Schooner LUCINDA VAN VALKENBURG. U. S. No. 14614. Of 301.66 tons gross; 286.58 tons net. Built at Tonawanda, N.Y. in 1862. Home port, Chicago, Ill. 128.5 x 26.3 x 12.6
Merchant Vessel List, U. S., 1885