located at in 185′ to 207′ 45 50.30’N / 085 03.49’W
Official Number: 25289
Vessel Built: 1892, F. Wheeler, W. Bay City hull# 88
Vessel Specifications: 291x41x20, 2053g 1709n
Type of Vessel: Wooden Steamer
Depth to Deck: 185 ft (56m)
Depth to Bottom: 207 ft (63m)
How it Sunk: Bound Milwaukee for Buffalo, struck pack ice and cut her hull. Despite frantic effort by the crew to save her she finally sank. Crew of 22 saved by steamer DONALDSON.
Loss Type: Ice
Date of Loss: 1913, Apr. 19
Place of Loss: 4 mi E of White Shoals, Western Straits
Vessel Cargo: Corn
Lives Loss: none

Buffalo, Sept. 20 – The stm. UGANDA, which went aground in
Buffalo creek at the Ohio St. bridge yesterday, was raised by
tugs this morning, after blocking navigation for 17 hours. Part
of the iron ore cargo had to be lightered. The vessel was not
Detroit Free Press
September 21, 1906 7-7

UGANDA is the name of the big wooden steamer building at the yard of F. W. Wheeler & Co., West Bay City, for James McBrier of Erie.
The Marine Review
March 3, 1892
The large wooden steamer UGANDA, building at Wheeler’s shipyard, Bay City, for Capt. John Mitchell of this city, A.J. McBrier of Erie and others, will be launched tomorrow afternoon.
Buffalo Enquirer
April 6, 1892

UGANDA Steam Propeller, U. S. Number 25289, built 1892, of 2,298 Gross Tons. On April 19, 1913, vessel foundered in Lake Michigan and became a total loss, of the 17 persons on board no lives were lost.
Loss of American Vessels Reported
during 1913. M. V. List of U. S. 1913

UGANDA Built April 12, 1892 Bulk Propeller -Wood
U. S. No. 25289 2053 gt -1708 nt 291′ x 41′ x 19.8′
Foundered April 19, 1913, in Straits of Mackinac, Lake Michigan.
Frank Wheeler & Co., West Bay City Shipbuilding Master List
Institute for Great Lakes Research
Perrysburg, Ohio