he SS Martin Mullen was launched as hull number 422 by American Ship Building Co. of Columbus.[1]

The Martin Mullen made frequent trips to and from Duluth-area ports. She was purchased by Paterson Steamships in 1947 and renamed the Scotiadoc.

Final voyage
The Scotiadoc was rammed by Canadian steamer Burlington in heavy fog on June 20, 1953 off Trowbridge Island, near the Sleeping Giant in Lake Superior. One crew member died. Captain George Edgar Morris testified that he picked up the Burlington on radar when it was five miles away. The Burlington collided with the starboard side of the Scotiadoc near the stern.[2]

Discovery of shipwreck
Shipwreck hunters found the wreck in 2013. At a depth of 850 feet, it is among the deepest shipwrecks in the Great Lakes