Located at N 45.18.907 W 081.33.420 this converted steam barge rests by the east side of Bears Rump Island. Where in the fog she stuck a rock and sank in June, 1904. The bow lies at about 18 metres (60 feet) while the stern is at up to 46 metres (150 feet).

The steamer FOREST CITY is ashore near Tobermory and the tug FAVORITE has gone to her.
Buffalo Evening News
Tuesday, June 7, 1904

. . . . .

Owen Sound, Ont. June 10. – Capt. Louis Pyette, master of the Canadian Pacific R. R. Steamer ALBERTA, states that he sighted a grain carrier ashore on Bear’s Rump Island, at the north end of Bruce Peninsula. The vessel is believed to be the American steamer FOREST CITY.
Capt. Pyette expressed the opinion that should an east wind arise, the vessel would be in a very dangerous predicament. The S. S. ATHABASCA also passed by the place, but the captain, George McDougall was unable to see the shore owing to fog.
Buffalo Evening News
Friday, June 10, 1904
Name: Forest City – propeller steamer
Rating: Highly advanced- deep and cold water experience necessary
Built: 1890
Length: 216 ft (66 m)
Sunk: 1904 – rammed Bears Rump Island in a heavy fog
Depth: 60-150 ft (18- 46 m)
The badly broken bow begins in 60 feet of water and steeply drops to a relatively intact stern in 150 feet of water. The most interesting part of the wreck lies between 100′ and 150′ and should only be attempted by very experienced divers equipped with dive computers and a redundant air supply. The smoke funnel and boilers are in place located at 110 to 130 feet. The stern is reasonably intact and the name Forest City can still be seen on the transom.

Other names : none
Official no. : 9914
Type at loss : propeller, wood, bulk freight*
Build info : 1870, Peck, Cleveland
Specs : 214x34x21 1236g 994n
Date of loss : 1904, Jun 5
Place of loss : Bear’s Rump, near Tobermory, Ont.
Lake : Huron
Type of loss : collision
Loss of life : (none)
Carrying : ?
Detail : Ran into the rocky island in a dense fog, broke in two and was too heavily damaged to be released. Total loss.
Major repair in 1881
* she was built as a schooner-barge, converted to prop in 1872

Capt. Humphrey and about a dozen menbers of the crew of the barge FOREST CITY, which was stranded on Bear’s Rump Island two weeks ago, came down by the steamer JOE MILTON this week and proceeded to Detroit. The FOREST CITY was running light from Midland to a Michigan port, when she ran aground in the dense fog which prevailed at that time, her bow being hard aground while her stern is in about 90 feet of water. She was sighted by the ALBERTA, as will be remembered by our readers. The FOREST CITY was 213 feet long and is insured for $9,000, but it is said this will not nearly cover the loss. She is owned in Detroit, her captain being one of the chief shareholders.
Owen Sound Advertiser
June 17, 1904
. . . . .

The steamer FOREST CITY, which went ashore last week near Tobermory in Georgian Bay, has been abandoned to the underwriters as a total loss.
Buffalo Evening News
Tuesday, June 21, 1904

built: Cleveland, Ohio, 1870
length: 66 metres (216.7 feet)
depth: 18 to 46 metres (60 to 150 feet)