The Wreck Today: The barge lays upright on a hard bottom with the bow pointing west.  There are a couple winches on deck and hatches leading into a mud filled interior.  More than one diver has been lost and disoriented inside this wreck.  Penetration is not advised.  Cable leads off the wreck.  The crane is about 100 feet east of the barge.  Many fishermen frequent this area.

Location: 1 mile north of Avon Lake, Ohio    Depth: 41 feet
Coordinates: LORAN:  43745.6   57332.6
GPS Barge: 41 31.942     82 00.375         Crain:  41 31.932     82 00.355
Official #:221068
Lies: bow west,  crane is east of barge
Type: derrick barge                                        Cargo:steam powered derrick
Power :towed
Owner(s) L. A. Wells Construction Co., Cleveland
Built:1 921 at Cleveland, Ohio by American Ship Building Company
Dimensions: 90’ 1” x 28’1” x 8’ 3”Tonnage:165 gross
Date of Loss: Tuesday, June 3, 1958
Cause of Loss: foundered

June 3, 1958, foundered in choppy waters while in tow by the tug boat Toledo to their homeport of Cleveland, Ohio.
The following appeared in the Sandusky Register, June 4, 1958:
Cleveland, Ohio (UPI) The Coast Guard rescued two suburban Parma men from drowning in Lake Erie Tuesday night when their barge sank about two miles east of Avon Point.
“We’d have gone down if the Coast Guard hadn’t thrown that buoy to us,” John Hendrickson, 32, said following the rescue. Hedrickson and Lester Young, 30, employees of the L.A. Wells Construction Co., were in an 88 foot derrick barge being towed by a tug to a pier. They were returning to their port after installing a gas line in Huron, Ohio.
They fought for an hour to keep the scow afloat and jumped when it began sinking. They were rescued by the crew of a launch from the Lorain Coast Guard station. Sandusky Register, June 4, 1958
Crew rescued by Lorain Coast Guard cutter “Kaw” at 8 PM after a distress call at 7:15 PM. From the tug Toledo. The two crew aboard the derrick barge reported stating to the Coast Guard rescue crew, “It’s a good thing you got to us. There was a terrific current pulling us down.”
Ship Name:
Also Known As:
Type of Ship:
Steel Derrick Barge, Rebuilt to Derrick Scow in 1946 by L.A. Wells
Ship Size:
Approximately 83’6″ x 28’1″ x8’2″ when first built, and reported at 90’1″ x 28’1″ x 8’3″ when rebuilt in 1946

Ship Owner:
L.A. Wells Construction Company, Cleveland, Ohio
Gross Tonnage:
Net Tonnage:
Typical Cargo:
Work/Repair Barge, Steam Powered Derrick

Year Built:
1921 – American Shipbuilding Company, Cleveland, Ohio