located at N 44’12.239 W76’31.578 this steamer ran an uneventful life as a passenger steamer running mostly the Bay of Quinte line.  She was stripped and scuttled behind the KPH hospital near the KPH and PCB Barge at undocumented date.  This is an immediate dive and penetration is not recommend due to the large amount of mud on her deck,  Those with the experience and directions can scooter from shore to the PCB, KPH and Varuna in one dive. Other wise a boat is required for a single dive on her.

Build City

Wolfe Island

Build State


Vessel Type


Number of Decks


Hull Materials


Builder Name

Robert Davis


Original Owner

Jonathan A. Porte

Original Owner Location

Trenton, ONT

Power (Sail)

Propulsion Type


Power (Mechanical)

Engine Type

High Pressure (including HPNC)

Engine Number Cylinders









Tonnage Gross


Tonnage Net


Final Disposition

Final Date Year


Final How

Broken up.

Final Notes

1940 Removed from registry.

History and Notes


1880, May 20 Registered Picton, ONT.

1881, Apr Strengthened by false sides; ran Trenton, Belleville & Picton.

1888, Mar 26 Owned Thomas J. Porte, Picton.

1893, Apr 5 Owned W.E. VanVlack & William B. Cooper.

1893, Oct 3 Owned William B. Cooper, Picton, Alfred Hicks, Hallowell Township & Reuben Norcross, Trenton.

1898, Nov 2 Owned Hicks & Norcross.

1904, Sep 14 Owned Hicks & Cooper, Hallowell.

1904, Nov 18 Owned A. Hicks & J.E. Rathbun.

1908, Feb 6 Owned W.B. Cooper & J.E. Rathbun. Trenton, ONT.

1910, Mar 9 Owned Quinte Navigation Co., Ltd., Picton.

1910, Dec 31 Owned Ontario & Quebec Navigation Co., Ltd.

1916, Apr 28 Owned Canada Steamship Lines.

1927 Broken up


stern veruna may 11

JONATHAN A Poarn witness produced by Deseronto Navigation Company sworn Besides at Trenton Ont is master and owner of steamer Varuna of Picton plying on Bay of Quinté from Trenton to Picton as a day boat holds master’s certificate for steamer I know steamer Quinté was burned did not see her burning do not know the origin of the fire I burned last season about equal proportions of hardwood tamarac and bunched wood I don t consider any of such fuel extra hazardous the trouble I found with bunched wood was to get it dry enough to make steam I don t think the bunched wood that I used was more inflammable than other pine cordwood when steamer Quinté was lying at Belleville wharf have been on board saw a captain mate engineer three deck hands purser two women and a boy knew some of their names but not all do not know how many of a crew was on board the day she was burned I considered the crew as I saw them there sufficient to handle steamer Quinté on the route she was on as a day boat I am not com etent to judge as to the number of firemen required on steamer Quinté I used te same kind of bunched wood on my steamer as the steamer Quinté took on at Trenton do not know if steamer Quinté wooded at any place else have been a master of steamers for twenty two years the bunched wood I used was not sufliciently dry to satisfy me as fuel I consider a good man could fire ten cords of bunched wood on steamer Quinté on her regular trip from Picton to Trenton and return JONATHAN A PORTE varuna bow veruna may 11