Steamer Collided With the TECUMSEH and Went Down This Morning,
Port Colborne, Ont. May 29. — The steamer SHICKLUNA left here yesterday evening bound for Cleveland, light. About 1 o’clock this morning when abreast of Long Point she collided with the steamer TECUMSEH. striking her on the port bow and sank out of sight shortly afterwards. The crew were rescued by the TECUMSEH and arrived here this morning at 11 o’clock. SHICKLUNA is a total loss.
She was owned by Sylvester Bros. of Toronto. Captain Clifford cannot account for the collision, as he was on his course when the boats came together. The TECUMSEH was not damaged much, if any, and proceeded for her destination.
Buffalo Evening News
Saturday, May 29, 1897

TECUMSEH Hove Into Port Colborne Carrying Sailors.
SHICKLUNA’S Men Are Saved, But the Boat is at the Bottom of the Lake.
Port Colborne, Ont., May 29. — The steamer TECUMSEH arrived here today with the crew of the steamer LOUIS SHICKLUNA, the latter boat coming into collision with the steamer TECUMSEH, six miles off Long Point, about 1 o’clock this morning.
The SHICKLUNA was struck abreast of the boiler room and sank in a few minutes. The crew had just time to get in the small boats and did not have time to save any of their clothing. The crew had a hard time in the small boats, as the wind was blowing strong and quite a sea was running. But they managed to keep afloat until daylight, when the TECUNSEH, which had stopped and was on the lookout for them, picked them up.
Buffalo Sunday News
Sunday, May 30, 1897

Port Colborne, May 29. — The steamer TECUMSEH collided with and sunk the steamer LEWIS SHICKLUNA off Long Point, Lake Erie last night. The crew had barely time enough to take to the boats, in which they spent the night. The TECUMSEH picked them up at daylight.
The LEWIS SHICKLUNA was built in 1870, was of 445 tons measured 135 x 26 and was valued at about $15,000. She is in deep water and will be a total loss. She was owned by Sylvester Bros. of Toronto.
Chicago Inter Ocean
May 30, 1897

The Canadian steamer LOUIS SHICKLUNA was sent to the bottom of Lake Erie off Long Point Friday by collision with the steamer TECUMSEH. She was bound for Cleveland without cargo. When about 3 miles off Long Point, the TECUMSEH, which was bound down from Lake Superior, struck the SHICKLUNA abreast of the boiler room. It was just enough time for the crew to launch the boat and get away, They were picked up Saturday morning by the TECUMSEH.
Port Huron Daily Times
Monday, May 31, 1897

Prop. L. SHICKLUNA Official Canadian Number 100752. Built St. Catharines 1870. 135 x 43 x 12 and 626 tons. Rebuilt as 135 x 43 x 12 and 445 tons. Sunk Lake Erie, May 29, 1897.
Prelm. List of Canadian Steamships
Coastal & Inland, 1809 to 1930

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LEWIS SHICKLUNA, 303 tons. Home port, Toronto. sunk by collision 5 miles east of Long Point, Lake Erie, April 28, 1897
Casualty List for 1897
Dept. of Transport.