The schooner Hercules, which left Kingston Tuesday evening for Hamilton with railroad iron, ran into the schooner A. Medbury, near Snake Island, cutting her almost in two. The Medbury sailors had barely time to save their lives. The Medbury was loaded with salt for Chicago. The Hercules was so badly damaged that she had to be towed into port by the tug Mixer

Other names   :  also seen as A. MEDBERY

Official no.     :  388

Type at loss    :  schooner, wood

Build info       :  1855, Burton Parsons, Vermillion,  OH

Specs              :  112x24x9,   226 t. om

Date of loss    :  1872, Nov 6

Place of loss   :  100 yds N of Four Mile Point, near Kingston

Lake                : Ontario*

Type of loss    :  collision

Loss of life      : none

Carrying         :  salt

Detail              : Bound for Chicago, she collided near Snake Island with the schooner HERCULES and was cut nearly in two. She sank very quickly, her crew having time only to save themselves.

*Also given in error as Lake Michigan

Major repairs in 1861,68

Sources            :  (mv),nsp,dmt,wl,rsl,pdw

1855 Enrolled Cleveland, OH; first trip to Buffalo with salt.

1861 Repaired, Cleveland.

1862, Sep Aground St. Mary’s River with iron ore.

1863 Owned George Warner & B.L. Pennington, Cleveland.

1863, Aug Collision with propeller at Cleveland; repaired.

1863, Oct Lost sails in a gale, Lake Huron.

1866, Jun Collision with bark MERRITT, Lake Michigan.

1868 165.07 gross tons US388; repaired.

1869, Jun Collision off Cleveland, Lake Erie.

1869, Jul Collision with propeller AVON, Welland Canal.

1869, Nov Damaged in heavy weather, Lake Michigan.

1871 Repaired.

1872, Nov 6 Sunk, Lake Ontario