Having gone to High School in the late ’70s and Pink Floyd The Wall was huge almost as huge as Jo as the nifty Niners started listening to Wish You Were Here and Dark Side of Moon, I was being groomed to become part of the machine of life after High School, I choose the Military more than likely by 15 I had decided to do what Dad did I wanted to see and do more than punching a clock. So 2 days after High School I boarded a Military Bus and headed off to Boot Camp to join the Machine of Adulthood.

I’m opinionated, straightforward, and lacking in love for stupidity and if that doesn’t scare you away I also dabble in a lot of Dark Humour and weed, lots of it. I mean lots of it. The Darker the better the humour at times. So if you are not able to self-censor and feel the need to tell me what to censor then. press the browser close button twice rapidly to access the consent form.


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