The legend of the man

Just a guy and a retired one at that, 29 years of Military life, 18 years of brat life before that with over a decade in experience in retirement living. 

Special abilities

I can drive anything even the bod at one time, I held qualifications in the past of Instructor for Motorcycles and Tester for Drives. 

I used to live underwater, Lake, River, Sea, Ocean, Cave I got to do it all and taught a few on the way.

Photographer, I’ve been published in Text Books, Reports, Books of Lore, Diving Publications, Holiday Brochures, and countless other places for credit as well 

New interests

Recently I have been documenting what’s on the bottom and with my Friend Corey we’ve established a Marine Heritage place called 

Dab master in training and now experimenting with boosting terpenes and the proper strains for effective medicating.

Punching Bag wasn’t what I wanted in retirement but VAC and it’s subsets just think its cool be bully veterans in the name of cost savings.