how you are seen

The cartoon on the right is pretty accurate but doesn’t explain why we don’t give a shit.

  • Our government treats us like liars, thieves, beggars, and suspect malingers.
  • The General Public think we are nothing more than Welfare cases
  • Our Medical Practitioners view us nothing but a Cash Cow and treatments go on forever and seldomly resolve the problem.
  • Insurance Companies fight tooth and nail in paying for standard treatments and paperwork you into a tizzy for anything beyond that.  You’re required to have a third party insurer to help offset those costs to them as well.
  • You have no representation to assist you through the nightmare of VAC and zero tolerance for any emotional outbreak and this applies only to you the Vet.
  • Your MP cares even less about you, and only the lucky ones get even a call returned. (Mine sits on 2 DND related committees for extra cash and hates Vets)
  • Your medical needs for devices are often cheaped out or only provided once in several years. 3 Years for a Vaper which anyone is on a high amount may last a year.
  • Lawyers and Judges make illegal judgments in divorces, well cause you have no rights or representation that counts.
  • And countless other things …


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