rock bottom

As an Injured Veteran you never really hit Rock Bottom, you just pause on the shelves on the way down,

  • Injury and/or realization – This is where your buddies start disappearing.
  • Released and in care of VAC – This is where you feel like a burden, useless, and become a beggar for help
  • Legion – no help and refuses to move forward past Korea.
  • Support Groups – This is where after helping people and it takes it’s toll your remaining buddies disappear.
  • Veterans almost near the bottom and has established a hierarchy, ‘GHAN outside the wire, ‘Ghan in the wire, ‘Ghan support outside the country, then Somalia Guys, The Gulf War Guys, The NATO deployment Guys, The Airforce, The Army, The Navy, The Peacekeeper, The Cold War,  and the Training System Vet and now CIC Veterans.
  • VAC 
  • BlueCross
  • People you helped at this stage you leave social settings, groups, and just generally don’t give a fuck about anyone anymore.  This is where you start regretting helping people in the past and there still more shelves to hit still.

You may not die from your injuries, but it is a death sentence for your life as you once knew it, It’s gone and your new life is just as hard.



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